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V & E Multi Metals CC
V & R Logistics cc
V & S Mining Supplies
V A Silva
V And G Mining cc
V and S Electronics
V C Filters International
V I Instruments
V Plant Mining And Construction Cc
V S Hydraulic Engineering cc
V Tinto Inc Attorneys
V&A Guesthouse
V.M.R. Engineering cc t/a Quadrant Engineering
V.S. Hydraulics cc
V/D Heever - Wessels - Du Toit
V22 Security Services (pty) Ltd
V7EES Trading CC T/A Africa @ Home
VA-Con Pty Ltd
Vaal Engineering Pty Ltd
Vaal Steam Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Vaal Tool & Die
Vaal Triangle Technikon
Vaal University of Technology
Vaalmac Saldanha (pty) ltd
Vac Air Technology (Pty) Ltd
VAE Perway
Val Mogg Attorney
Vale Development (pty) Ltd T/a Kukh
Vale Excavators (Kempton Park)
Vale Traders cc t/a Tarpaulin & Canvas
Valencia Motors (Pty) Ltd
Valerio Engineering cc
Vallei Eiendomme Taset 44
Vallei Voorsieners BK
Valley Consulting cc
Valley Irrigation Of SA (Pty) Ltd
Valleytec t/a Direct-Shelf 184
Valleyview Logistics Trading 300 (Unverified)
Valli 0078514
Valothron 42 CC T/A Steel-Line
Value Furnishers (Pty) Ltd
Value Logistics Limited
Value Truck Rental
Valve & Mining Supplies Brits (Pty) Ltd
Valve Hospital (pty) Ltd
Valve Specialists Cc
Valvecraft (PTY) LTD
Valvemech Pty Ltd
Valvequip Eng & Ind Supp. c.c
Valves Marine & Industrial (Pty) Ltd
Valvetech Cape
Valvomatic CC
Vametco Alloys (pty) Ltd
Vametco Minerals Corporation
Vamp Power Systems Technologies (PTY) LTD
van Aswegen
Van De Wetering Eng (Pty) Ltd
Van Den Berg J L A
Van Der Baan Auto Elektries
Van Der Heever Wessels & Du Toit A
Van Der Linde & Venter Proj Pty Ltd
Van Der Linde Engineering cc
Van Der Merwe C W
Van Der Merwe Du Toit Inc
Van Der Merwe Furniture Removals
Van der Merwe L
Van Der Merwe Meubelvervoerder
Van Der Vyver Transport
Van der Walt Rossouw Neetling Ingelyf
Van Der Walt Sweiswerke
van der Westhuizen J E
Van Driel's Staalkonstruksie
Van Drimmelen Laboratoria
Van Graaff Electrical CC
Van Graan Skuld Invorderaars
Van Greunen Boedery BK
Van Heerden Railway Enterprises
Van Hees Sales cc
Van Heese Investment cc
Van Huyssteen & Coetzee Inc
van Niekerk 1467883
Van Niekerk N & Stofberg J J
Van Opstal Machines (Pty) Ltd
Van Renen Heyns Ing
Van Rensburg & Lombard Prokureur
Van Rensburg Buses
Van Rensburg Gill & Associates cc
Van Rhyn Attorneys
Van Rooyen Tlhapi Wessels
Van Rooyen-Fisher Trustees
Van Rooyens Furniture Removals
Van Rose Construction cc ta Henzel Maxiflex
Van Schaik Bookstore Hatfield
Van Schalkwyk J
Van Schalkwyk Van Der Merwe Grobler ING
Van Schoor Gate (Pty) Ltd
Van Straten Construction cc
Van Vuuren Developments CC
Van Walt Ltd
van Wyk 1578561
Van Wyk G J
Van Wyk Plumbing & Handyman
Van Wyks Electrical (Pty) Ltd
Van Zyl 1503634
Van Zyl Attorneys
Van Zyl B J
Van Zyl Rudd & Associates
Vananco Wholesalers
Vanashe Industrial Suppliers
Vanbel (Pty) Ltd
Vancall Labour Hire
Vanchem Vanadian Products
Vanderkloof Dam Supermark BK
Vanhattan Lifting cc
Vanilla Catering
Vanmech Engineering
Vanrhynsdorp B/Dienste Cc T/A Namaqua Engineering
Vantech Engineering cc
Vapsco Engineering
Variate Technologies (Unverified)
Varqua Steel
Varymix Nineteen CC
Vavro Plastics cc
VB Agri (Pty) Ltd
VB Electronics
VBG Agri cc T/A Vryburg Agri
VBG Boere Meule cc
VC Metal Fabrications cc
Vddb Quantity Surveyors
VDM Exports
VDS Fire & Safety Appliances cc
Vebody (Pty) LTD
Vector Logistics Pty Ltd
Vee Jays Mining & Engineering Suppliers (Pty) Ltd
Veecraft Marine CC
Vega Controls SA (Pty) Ltd
Vega Industries (Middle East)
Vega Steel Industries
Vegepak (Pty) Ltd
Vegor Engineering cc
Vejujesha General Trading cc
Vektronix (Pty) Ltd
Vela Steel Building Systems Pty L
Veld & Rant Spyseniers
Velo Tank Manufacturers
Vendcorp 132 cc
Vendeco Investments 2 cc
Vendrite cc
Vent Air Sheet Metal Works
Vent-Sure Agency cc
Venter 1510711
Venter andamp; Von Abo Inc/Ing
Venter Dupper & Wildenboer Attorneys
Venter G H J
Venter Manufacturing
Ventura (pty) Ltd
Venture Partners Botswana (pty) Ltd
Venus Star Trading 120 CC t/a
Vercor Mining Supplies (ML Verster)
Verdino 123 PTY LTD T/A Inyoni
Verdure (pty) Ltd
Vereeniging Cash & Carry
Vereeniging Universal Eng P/L
Vergenoeg Mining Company (pty)
Veri-Flow Valves & Industrial
Verimark (Pty) Ltd
Veritas College
Veritech Manufacturing
Verity Portway
Verizon Precision Engineering & Electrical
Verizon South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Verlinde Cranes & Hoists
Vermaak & Vennote Pathologists
Vermaak F A
Vermaak L
Vermaak Werner Attorneys Trust
Vermeulen Familie Trust t/a
Vermeulen Verf & Gas Kimberley
Vermeulens Build IT (Unverified)
Vermeulens D.I.Y
Verndette Air Technology
Verndette Engineering cc
Vernel Trading CC T/A Brother Elite
Veronia Investments CC t/a Jabula Wholesalers
Verryne T J
Versatex Trading 429 (Pty) Ltd
Versatile Plastics cc
Versus Paint Specialists Cc
Verusha Investments (Pty) Ltd
Verveen & Ngoasheng Attorneys
Verycom Ten cc t/a T&R Distributors
Vesco Plastics A Div Of Virginia Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd
Vescotech cc
Vessel Fab (Pty) Ltd
Vessel Inspection Services
Vetoprop 240 T/a Platinum Signs
Vetotrade 103 CC
Veyance Technologies Botswana (pty) Ltd
VFP Fuelling & Filtration
VIB Worth Engineering
Vibratory Stress Relieving
Vic Ball Plumbers
Vicinage Transport (Pty) Ltd
Vicki van der Walt Attorneys
Vicro Bulk (Pty) Ltd
Vicro Marketing
Vicsha Investments (pty) Ltd
Victor Mining Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Victor's Plant And Construction Bk
Victoria & Albert Products
Victoria International Cc
Victory Engineering
Videx Wire Products
Vigmar Engineering Company cc
Vikela Road Demarcation & Safety
Viking Fasteners & Industrial Supplies t/a Profin Trading 35 cc
Viking Fishing Co Deepsea (pty) ltd
Viljoen Karin
Viljoens Engineering
Villiera Wines (Pty) Ltd
Villiersdorp Kooperasie
Vilway Engineering CC
Vinco Steel
Vindium Plastics (PTY) Ltd (Unverified)
Vinquip (Pty) Ltd
Vinquip Velo Sa (Pty) Ltd
Vintec (Pty) Ltd
VIP Caterers
VIP Personnel & Payroll Systems (Pty) Ltd
Virginia Riggall
Virtual Array Proprietary Limited
Virtue Corporate Services
Visa Boyz
Visagie Fourie & Partners
Visiomed (Pty) Ltd
Vision 2016
Vision Build cc
Vision Caps cc
Vision Plumbing cc
Vision Trucking Cc
Vision Tv & Audio Repairs
Visser F
Visser F S
Vista Mining solutions. (Unverified)
Visual Analysis
Vitaform Glassware
Vital Castings CC
Vital Link Systems
Vitality In house Contribution
Vitrex (Pty) Ltd t/a Bitcon Industires
Vitria Glassware
Viva Afrika - Sound & Light (Pty) Ltd
Viva Steelfab Engineering Pty
Vivid Marketing (Pty) Ltd t/a Phoenix Fire
Vivid Video & Television Services
Viviers ING
Vivreau Limited
VKP Installations
VLY Trading Enterprise
VNL Mining Suppliers cc
Voges J
Voidcon Mpumalanga cc
Voigt & Willecke
Vokes Filtration
Volcano Agroscience (Pty) Ltd
Volcano Combustion Services cc
Volition Consulting Services
Vollman Brothers
Volschenk Insulation Convertor
Voltex (Pty) Ltd t/a Bellco Electrical
Voltex (Pty) Ltd T/a Waco Industries
Volvo Southern Africa
Volvo Truck & Bus (Botawana)
Vomak Industries (Pty) Ltd
Von Eck General Engineering cc
Vonkprop Isolasie Panele bk
Voorspoed Sand & Klip
Vorarc Welding cc
Vormbaum Engineering cc t/a P W Vormbaum Sheet Metal Works
Vosdor 015 cc
Vossies Mining Supplies & Reps
Vox Orion (pty) Ltd
VR Laser Services (Pty) Ltd
Vrede Dierehospitaal
Vredendal Boumark BK
Vryheid Mining Supplies
Vrystaat Ingenieurs & Staalwater
Vrystaat Ko-Op Bpk - Cornelia
Vrystaat Ko-Op Bpk -Henneman
Vs Electrical
VSCL Tracing Collecting CC
VSE Engineering cc
Vukuza Earth Works (Pty) Ltd
Vula Indlela Construction
Vulcan Catering Equipment Pty
Vulcan President (Pty) Ltd
Vulcan Steel Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd
Vulcania Reinforcing Company
Vulcanic flame Cc
Vulindlela Transformation Service (
Vumani Industries (Pty) Ltd
Vurushe Mining (Pty) Ltd
Vyfster Vervoer