We should change the grand objective of creating five million jobs by 2020 to creating one million new businesses by 2020.

Clem Sunter

Who we are

M2North are a team from Johannesburg South Africa, that believe in the power of private business.

We spread business between companies, big and small, all around the world.

Since the year 2000, we have worked hard to create a set of tools and services that cover every phase of procurement. From sourcing the product, to ordering; from enquiry to invoice, we provide tools to buyers and seller that make businesses more effective.

How we do it (a nuts and bolts explanation)

We connect businesses of all sizes, using all forms of electronic data interchange, be it XML, EDI, IDOC, CSV via countless methods, including FTP, SOAP, SFTP, FTPS, Connect:direct, Odette and even email.

Our service connect systems that include SAP, SAP Business One, Baan, Oracle, Pastel, Pastel Evolution, Accpac, Quickbooks as well as custom systems.

We also provide an online environment where all these business transactions can be dealt with, queried and managed, providing a single point for buyers to order and sellers to service.

What we believe

Release early, release often

Rather than get it perfect, we believe in rapid prototyping, rapid development and frequent improvements .

There's enough to go around

We believe in sharing. No anticompetitive behaviour. Focus on what you're good at, not on your competitors. Google's "don't be evil".

Life is short

Through personal trials and other life changing events, we try hard to enjoy the day we're on, making things that we love with people that we enjoy, as Steve Maraboli put it, “making better versions of ourselves”.

Have more than you show

It's not fun to boast, so we try not to. That's why we won't mention that we have over 30,000 clients.

Where did the name come from?

To put this into perspective, a little local geography is necessary: In Johannesburg, there are a number of freeways. There's an N3 North and South, an N1 North and South, an M1 North and South and an M2 East and West. But there is no M2 North and South. We set out to create a new road between business. A digital M2North.


Finalist, Innovation & Sustainability Awards, 2005.

Finalist, 702 Small Business Awards, 2011