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V & E Multi Metals CC
V & N Engineering CC
V & R Enterprises
V & R Logistics cc
V & S Mining Supplies
V A Silva
V and A Waterfront Holdings P/L
V And G Mining cc
V and N Solutions cc
V and R Enterprises
V and S Electronics
V B S Trade Centre (Pty) Ltd
V C Filters International
V C Rubcon CC
V Chetty Chetty's Springsmiths
V Dikago Building Construction
V Govender T/a Rentronics
V I Instruments
V Jugdeo
V K P Project Management Cc T/a
V K P Project Managment CC
V L T Wapens
V N E Commercial And Industrial Supplies cc
V Ntombi Setshwaelo
V Pillay T/A
V Plant Mining And Construction Cc
V Premrajh
V S Hydraulic Engineering cc
V Singh General Medical Practice
V Tinto Inc Attorneys
V V &V Hardware cc t/a Hills Builder
V V Automatic & Centre Lathe Turning cc
V&A Guesthouse
V'S Hardware CC
V-col Products
V-CORE (Pty) Ltd
V-Team (Pty) Ltd
V. I Instruments
V. Naidoo
V.E.B Engineering
V.M.R. Engineering cc t/a Quadrant Engineering
V.S. Hydraulics cc
V.S.R Digging cc
V.t. Gift & Sports Shop
V/D Heever - Wessels - Du Toit
V/D Vyfer Staalwerke BK
V22 Security Services (pty) Ltd
V3 Coldcab (Pty) Ltd
V3 Retail Displays (Unverified)
V7EES Trading CC T/A Africa @ Home
VA-Con Pty Ltd
Vaal Agrimech BK
Vaal Debt Collectors
Vaal Engineering Pty Ltd
Vaal Gamagara
Vaal Steam Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Vaal Tissue cc
Vaal Tool & Die
Vaal Triangle Technikon
Vaal Tyre Centre (White River)
Vaal University of Technology
Vaal Veterinary Supplies
Vaal-Tech Instrumentation
Vaalbosch Diamond
Vaalharts Bemesting
Vaalharts Spilpunt Dienste
Vaalmac Saldanha (pty) ltd
Vaalwater Besproeiing cc
Vab Sales & Marketing (pty) ltd
Vac Air Technology (Pty) Ltd
Vac Air Technology Botswana (Pty) Ltd
VAC Cleaning Mach
Vacances (pty) Ltd
Vacu Industries
Vacuum & Fluid Technology cc
Vacuum Engineering Solutions & Technology Pty Ltd
Vadeswa Projects (Unverified)
VAE Perway
Vag Valves (SA) (Pty) Ltd
Vagle And Associates (pty) Ltd
Vagwena Holdings (Unverified)
Vakala Construction (PTY) LTD
Val Interiors (PTY)LTD
Val Mogg Attorney
Val-u-pac distributors
Vala Moya (PTY) LTD
Valact Services Cc
Valad Construction (Pty)Ltd
Valcer Construction
Valco Group SA (Pty) Ltd
Valco Pipes CC
Valdeg Cc T/a Superior Vision
Valdo Engineering cc
Valdo Interiors
Vale Brazil
Vale Construction (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Vale Development (pty) Ltd T/a Kukh
Vale Excavators (Kempton Park)
Vale Mozambique
Vale Traders cc t/a Tarpaulin & Canvas
Valela Resources (Unverified)
Valenca General Engineering
Valencia Motors (Pty) Ltd
Valente Bros
Valentino Engineering cc
Valeo Service Export
Valer Fruit Processors Pty Limited
Valerio Engineering cc
Valhalla General Dealers (Pty) Ltd
Valhalla Hardware Supplies CC
Valhalla Mica Hardware Supplies CC
Valiant Collection Service
Valic Mining Supplies
Valid Building Centre
Valkat Investment (Ltd) (Unverified)
Vallei Eiendomme Taset 44
Vallei Organies Bk
Vallei Voorsieners BK
Valleiplaas Boerdery (edms) Bpk
Valley Consulting cc
Valley Containers
Valley Disrtribution Equipment CC
Valley Irrigation Of SA (Pty) Ltd
Valley Irrigation of South Africa
Valley Paints
Valley River Trading 14 cc
Valley River Trading 75 CC
Valleytec t/a Direct-Shelf 184
Valleyview Logistics Trading 300 (Unverified)
Valli 0078514
Valobex 306 cc (Unverified)
Valobex 64 CC
Valortrade 9 (PTY) LTD
Valostar 291 CC
Valoster 291 CC
Valothron 42 CC T/A Steel-Line
Valotorque 182 cc
Valoworx 42 cc
Valsbaai Houtprodukte BK
Valspar (SA)
Valu Trusses
Valucorp 105 CC
Valucorp 355 CC
Value Chain Group (Pty) Ltd
Value Chemicals Botswana
Value Concerns
Value Engineering P/l
Value Furnishers (Pty) Ltd
Value Logistics - Damages At Warehouse
Value Logistics - Damages On The Road
Value Logistics - George (Unverified)
Value Logistics Limited
Value steel burgersfort
Value Truck Rental
Valuentis Ltd
Valve & Automation (pty) Ltd
Valve & Mining Supplies Brits (Pty) Ltd
Valve & Pump Technology (Pty) Ltd
Valve Hospital (pty) Ltd
Valve Pro Reconditioning Serv cc
Valve Specialists Cc
Valve Teck
Valvecraft (PTY) LTD
Valvecraft East Cape (Pty) Ltd
Valvemech Pty Ltd
Valvenet Engineering (PTY) LTD
Valvequip Eng & Ind Supp. c.c
Valverite cc
Valves Marine & Industrial (Pty) Ltd
Valvetech Cape
Valvomatic CC
Valz Trading & Suppliers (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Vamco Steel Limited (Unverified)
Vametco Alloys (pty) Ltd
Vametco Minerals Corporation
Vamp Power Systems Technologies (PTY) LTD
Van & Truckhire (pty) Ltd
Van Achterbergh Jw
Van Antwerp Ejh
Van Antwerp Prokureurs
Van Antwerp Sweiswerke
van Aswegen
Van Aswegen Fc
Van Aswegen Gpj
Van Aswegen J.f
Van Aswegen Pcb
Van Beek Generators cc
Van Breda Trekkers
Van De Merwe Jm
Van De Wetering Eng (Pty) Ltd
Van Den Berg Ab
Van Den Berg J L A
Van Den Berg Ja
Van Den Berg Jm
Van Den Berg Jv
Van Den Berg S
Van Der Baan Auto Elektries
Van Der Berg
Van Der Berg E
Van Der Dussen Bourekenaars
Van Der Heever Wessels & Du Toit A
Van Der Horst Engineering CC
Van Der Linde & Venter Proj Pty Ltd
Van Der Linde Engineering cc
Van Der Linde Gvdv
Van Der Merwe Ajjj
Van der Merwe Broers Trust
Van Der Merwe C W
Van Der Merwe Cn
Van Der Merwe Du Toit Inc
Van Der Merwe Fjs & Mjs
Van Der Merwe Fn
Van Der Merwe Furniture Removals
Van Der Merwe Hj
Van Der Merwe Jjm
Van Der Merwe Jm
Van der Merwe L
Van Der Merwe Ls & Sp
Van Der Merwe M
Van Der Merwe Meubelvervoerder
Van Der Merwe Mm
Van Der Merwe Mw
Van Der Merwe Nmj
Van Der Merwe Rj & S
Van Der Merwe Th
Van Der Merwe W
Van Der Merwe Wf & E
Van Der Mescht Wat
Van Der Sandt Jj
Van Der Schijff Trust
Van Der Vyver Transport
Van Der Walt
Van Der Walt A & Y
Van Der Walt A H/A ATK Marken
Van Der Walt Aj & Ll
Van Der Walt L
Van der Walt Rossouw Neetling Ingelyf
Van Der Walt S
Van Der Walt Sweiswerke
Van Der Walt Tj
Van Der Westhuizen Dj
van der Westhuizen J E
Van Der Westhuizen Lj
Van Der Zee Contracting Co
Van Deventer M
Van Deventer Sc
Van Dijk A & E
Van Driel's Staalkonstruksie
Van Drimmelen Laboratoria
Van Dyck Carpets
Van Dyk Mg
Van Eeden Grondverskuiwing
Van Graaff Electrical CC
Van Graan Skuld Invorderaars
Van Greunen Boedery BK
Van Greunen Wsp
Van Heerden Ec
Van Heerden Hb
van Heerden JJ General Medical Practice
Van Heerden Railway Enterprises
Van Heerden Solar Power cc
Van Heerden's Transport Services
Van Hees Sales cc
Van Heese Investment cc
Van Heteren Services
Van Huyssteen & Coetzee Inc
Van Jaarsveld Plr
Van Jaarsveld S
Van Jaarsveld Sa
Van Jaarsveld Z
Van Leeuwen Hj
Van Loggerenberg Hbh
Van Loggerenberg Pd
van Niekerk 1467883
van Niekerk Bros Glas bpk
Van Niekerk Fj
Van Niekerk Gs
Van Niekerk H.j
Van Niekerk Jc & De Bruyn P
Van Niekerk N & Stofberg J J
Van Niekerk Rene
Van Oosten Construction cc
Van Opstal Machines (Pty) Ltd
Van Opstal Masjiene (Edms) Bpk
Van Reenen Manufacturing P/L
Van Renen Heyns Ing
Van Rensburg & Lombard Prokureur
Van Rensburg & Seun Bouers
Van Rensburg - Moloto Prokureurs
Van Rensburg Attorneys
Van Rensburg Boerdery
Van Rensburg Buses
Van Rensburg Gill & Associates cc
Van Rensburg Jordaan and Olivier
Van Rhyn Attorneys
Van Rhyn Staalkonstruksies cc
Van Rhyn Verkoeling
Van Rooiyen Jjk
Van Rooyen Hpl
Van Rooyen J
Van Rooyen Tlhapi Wessels
Van Rooyen-Fisher Trustees
Van Rooyens Furniture Removals
Van Rose Construction cc ta Henzel Maxiflex
Van Ryn Rubber Holdings Pty Ltd
Van Schaik Bookstore Hatfield
Van Schalkwyk E
Van Schalkwyk J
Van Schalkwyk Lf
Van Schalkwyk Van Der Merwe Grobler ING
Van Schoor Gate (Pty) Ltd
Van Staaden Gj
Van Staden
Van Staden Ds
Van Staden Engineering (PTY) LTD
Van Staden Jtj
Van Staden Mt
Van Staden Nd
Van Staden Sg T/a Accurate Concepts
Van Straten Construction cc
Van Tonder S
Van Tuyl Kilns & Furnaces
Van Vuuren Ae
Van Vuuren Basileuo Ing
Van Vuuren Developments CC
Van Vuuren If
Van Vuuren Jab
Van Vuuren R
Van Vuuren S
Van Vuuren Skilders Bk
Van Walt Ltd
van Wyk 1578561
Van Wyk G J
Van Wyk Hf & B
Van Wyk Jd
Van Wyk Plumbing & Handyman
Van Wyk Wj
Van Wyks Electrical (Pty) Ltd
Van Zijl Painting Contractors
Van Zuydam t/a Metal Pr
Van Zyl 1503634
Van Zyl Attorneys
Van Zyl B J
Van Zyl Boorwerke cc
Van Zyl Ha
Van Zyl J.N. t/a Kaktus Eksklusief
Van Zyl Jj
Van ZYl Prokureurs
Van Zyl Rudd & Associates
Van Zyl's eiendoms trust t/a van zyl staalwerke
Van Zyl's Eiendomstrust
Vanana (Pty) Limited
Vananco Wholesalers
Vanashe Industrial Suppliers
Vanashe Steel (Pty) Ltd
Vanbel (Pty) Ltd
Vancall Labour Hire
Vanchem Vanadian Products
Vancouver Consolidated Investments
Vanderbijl Hydraulics & Eng cc
Vanderkloof Dam Supermark BK
Vandlovu Mining And Industrial Supplies CC
Vanduo Aluminium & Glass
Vanesco (Pty)Ltd
Vanfou Property Investments cc
Vanga Automotive Products (Pty) Ltd
Vangelo Freight (PTY) Ltd (Unverified)
Vanhans Engineering cc
Vanhattan Lifting cc
Vanilla Catering
Vanmech Engineering
Vanrail Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Vanree Clothing
Vanrhynsdorp B/Dienste Cc T/A Namaqua Engineering
Vanrooy Engineering CC
Vans Gates and Fencing CC
Vanske Team Consulting CC
Vanstone Precast
Vanstone Precast Pty Ltd
Vantage Steel Components (PTY)
Vantech Engineering cc
Vantee Maintenance cc
Vanto Zb
Vanton Pumps Limited - Europe
Vanzetti Equipment SRL
Vapsco Engineering
Varan cc t/a D&H Engineering
Vardy Mining & Waterproofing
Vardy Mining and Waterproofing
Vari-Gro Packaging (Unverified)
Varia Glas & Verf
Varnero SA cc
Varqua Steel
Varsitrax PTY LTD
Varymix Nineteen CC
Varymix Nineteen Pty T/a Domani Bouers
Varymix Thirteen cc
Vasbyt Civils PTY (Ltd)
Vasbyt Produksie
Vasco Engineering cc
Vasco Fertilizer
Vascomart (Pty) Ltd t/a
Vasconix (Pty) Ltd
Vasdex Associates (pty) Ltd
Vasev Vacuum cc
Vassen's Engineering Works cc
Vassens Electrical and Electronic
Vast Consumer Integrations (Unverified)
Vasvat Rubberprodukte (EDMS) BPK
Vathom Bellegings (Pty) Ltd
VATit (Pty) Ltd
Vavasati (Unverified)
Vavro Plastics cc
Vawdas Right Price Hardware cc
Vays Steel Suppliers CC
VB Agri (Pty) Ltd
VB Electronics
VBG Agri cc T/A Vryburg Agri
VBG Boere Meule cc
Vbn Services
VBV Site Maintenance Services
VC Metal Fabrications cc
Vc Paint Contractors
VC Signs and Promotional Items (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
VCE Electrical & Instrument
VCM Bethel Ltd
Vddb Quantity Surveyors
VDG Marketing (Pty) Ltd
Vdm Bemesting Bk
VDM Exports
VDM Vervoer
VDS Fire & Safety Appliances cc
VDV Fleet Maintenance
Ve Jacobs
Ve-Op Rollermeule BK
VEA Road Maintenance and Civils (Unverified)
Vebody (Pty) LTD
Vecto Trade 391(edms) Bpk
Vector Laser and Plasma cc
Vector Logistics Pty Ltd
Vee Jays Mining & Engineering Suppliers (Pty) Ltd
Vee-Jay Mining & Engineering Supplies
Veecraft Marine CC
Veekos (Sentraal) Koop Beperk
Veem Engineering CC
Vees Video Gansbaai
Veez Micro Enterprises
Vega Controls SA (Pty) Ltd
Vega Industries (Middle East)
Vega Steel Industries
Vegarlimo Electronic
Vegas Industrial Cleaners (Pty) Ltd
Vegepak (Pty) Ltd
Veggos Distributors
Vegmoflora Accessories Pty Ltd
Vegor Engineering cc
Vegtech 2000 (Pty) Ltd
Vehicle Management Corporation (pty) Ltd
Vejujesha General Trading cc
Vektronix (Pty) Ltd
Vela Steel Building Systems Pty L
Velani Media (pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Veld & Rant Spyseniers
VeldPond Group (Unverified)
Veldskoen Rj
Velen Rozen
Velo Tank Manufacturers
Velocitas Developers
Velotex Cc
Velry Ramasela Seema
Velvet Moon Stones
Venan Engineering & Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd
Venasio Steel Work cc
Vencedor cc
Vencor (Unverified)
Vendcorp 132 cc
Vendcorp 162 CC
Vendeco Investments 2 cc
Vendeco Trading 53cc
Vending Technical Services
Vendor Network Management
Vendrite cc
Venetian Blinds Champions
Vengies Entertainment CC
Venren Boerdery cc
Venscor 122 (PTY) LTD
Vent & Support Africa (Pty) Ltd
Vent Air Sheet Metal Works
Vent and Support Africa (Pty) Ltd
Vent Care Western Cape cc
Vent-Sure Agency cc
Venter N
Venter 1510711
Venter andamp; Von Abo Inc/Ing
Venter Aw
Venter Consulting Engineers P/L
Venter D & Hj
Venter Dupper & Wildenboer Attorneys
Venter G H J
Venter General Medical Practice
Venter Jt
Venter Jwc
Venter L
Venter Manufacturing
Venter Pjh
Venter Sand & Building Supplies
Venters Hardware & Locksmith cc
Ventilation Bremen (Unverified)
Ventispot (Pty) Ltd T/A BH Builders
Ventrite International (pty) Ltd
Ventserve CC
Ventura (pty) Ltd
Ventura Engineering
Venture Clad SA
Venture Partners Botswana (pty) Ltd
Venture Products cc
Venture Sa (East London )
Venus Electrical & H/ware W/salers
Venus Pure Water cc
Venus Star Trading 120 CC t/a
Vera Cruz
Vercor Mining Supplies (ML Verster)
Verde Bitterfontein (Pty) Ltd
Verdino 123 PTY LTD T/A Inyoni
Verdure (pty) Ltd
Verduyn Engineering And Contracting Services (PTY)LTD
Vereeniging Cash & Carry
Vereeniging Foundry
Vereeniging Universal Eng P/L
Verex (Unverified)
Vergelegen Wines (PTY) LTD
Vergenoeg Mining Company (pty)
Vergenoeg Pype Bk
Verhoef Traning
Veri-Flow Valves & Industrial
Vericred Collections (Unverified)
Veridex (Unverified)
Verimark (Pty) Ltd
Veritas College
Veritas Exports Cc.
Veritech Manufacturing
Verity Portway
Verizon Precision Engineering & Electrical
Verizon South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Verlinde Cranes & Hoists
Verlinde Cranes and Hoists (Unverified)
Vermaak & Vennote Pathologists
Vermaak F A
Vermaak Jj
Vermaak L
Vermaak Mf
Vermaak Smm
Vermaak Wadjc
Vermaak Werner Attorneys Trust
Vermeulen Familie Trust t/a
Vermeulen Le T/A Thornhill Briquettes
Vermeulen Mjg
Vermeulen Verf & Gas Kimberley
Vermeulen Verfsentrum
Vermeulens Build IT (Unverified)
Vermeulens D.I.Y
Vermok Consulting (Unverified)
Vermont Sales (Pty) ltd
Verndette Air Technology
Verndette Engineering cc
Vernel Trading CC T/A Brother Elite
Vernier Engineering cc
Veronia Investments CC t/a Jabula Wholesalers
Veronique Fleming
Verryne T J
Versa Tile Ceramics- P E-spectrum U
Versatex Trading 126 (pty)ltd
Versatex Trading 215 (Pty) Ltd
Versatex Trading 429 (Pty) Ltd
Versatex Trading 608 (PTY) LTD
Versatile Plastics cc
Versitrade 284CC (Unverified)
Verster A
Versus Paint Specialists Cc
Vertex Automation Pty Ltd
Vertex Kapele
Vertex Roofing Contractors P/L
Vertex Sales & Marketing Pty Ltd
Vertical Engineering & Supplies cc
Vertigo Flooring Systems Cc
Verulam Precision cc
Verusha Investments (Pty) Ltd
Verve Art & Steelworks CC T/A Pro Welding
Verveen & Ngoasheng Attorneys
Verycom Ten cc t/a T&R Distributors
Vesco Plastics A Div Of Virginia Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd
Vescom Twenty Eight (PTY) LTD
Vescotech cc
Vesscon CC
Vessel Fab (Pty) Ltd
Vessel Inspection Services
Vesta Construction
Vestal Solutions
Vestmoss Investments (PTY) LTD
Vestpoint 106 Pty Ltd T/a Rmh Sp
Vet Electrical & Mechanical Eng Cc
Vetchem Trust
Veterinary Distributors (PTY) LTD
Veterinary Medical Clinic
Vetopharma LTD
Vetoprop 240 T/a Platinum Signs
Vetotrade 103 CC
Vetpac Animal Health
Vetserve CC
Vetswana Botswana (PVT) LTD
Vetvalue (Pty) Ltd
Vex Mining Repairs (Pty) Ltd
Veyance Technologies Botswana (pty) Ltd
Veza-okuhle Installations
VF Munisi Civils (Pty) Ltd
VFP Fuelling & Filtration
VG Electrics (Spares)
VH Consulting (Unverified)
Vha Ita Dzina Consulting cc
Vha Mbedzi
VHA Venda Brick Works
Vhakoma Electronics
Vhakuma Management Solutions
Vhalongo foundation
Vhalovhedzi General Trading (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
VHE Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd
Vhembe Electronics
Vhengs Traders CC T/A VT Installers
VHInternational (Unverified)
Vi Jay Projects (Pty) Ltd
Via Afrika Ltd T/a Van Schaik
Via Engineering Tools (Unverified)
Via Loxion Trade And Projects (Unverified)
VIA Traffic Controlling GMBH
VIA TV Channel
VIB Worth Engineering
Vibetech CC
Vibra Engineering
Vibraform Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Vibramac Cc
Vibramech (Unverified)
Vibrant Building Services cc
Vibrant Media Events cc
Vibrasep Pty Ltd
Vibration Performance cc
Vibratory Stress Relieving
Vibro Bricks and Paving
Vibrotech cc
Vic Ball Plumbers
Vic Staal (Pty) Ltd
Vic-Links Express int\'l (HK) Ltd (Unverified)
Vicenda CC
Vicenza Engineering Works Cc
Vicinage Transport (Pty) Ltd
Vicitude Business Solutions
vicjose trading and projects cc (Unverified)
Vicki van der Walt Attorneys
Vickys Tech
Vico Agencies cc
Vico Nowezile E
Vicom Stilbaai
Vicor Building Materials Cc
Vicro Bulk (Pty) Ltd
Vicro Marketing
Vicsha Investments (pty) Ltd
Victoire Trading cc
Victor Ga
Victor Hydraulics Ltd
Victor Mining Suppliers Pty Ltd
Victor Mining Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Victor Na
Victor's Plant And Construction Bk
Victoria & Albert Products
Victoria & Alfred Hotel
Victoria Falls Productions (Unverified)
Victoria International Cc
Victory Engineering
Vicvest Drie Bk
Vida Oils (Pty)Ltd
Videx Wire Products
Vidi Vox Sales CC
Vidicci Africa Agencies CC
Vidicube (PTY) LTD
Viedgesville Wholesalers (pty) Ltd
Vienna Toys
Vier Kleur Omheinings Projekte
Viet Co ltd (Unverified)
Vietor & Raaf ( J P Schreuder)
View Engineering Cc
Viewnetic Systems (Unverified)
Viewpoint Training and Consulting
Vigil Pro Solutions
Vigmar Engineering Company cc
Vikela Road Demarcation & Safety
Viking Bemarking (edms)Bpk
Viking Designs cc
Viking Fasteners & Industrial Supplies t/a Profin Trading 35 cc
Viking Fishing Co Deepsea (pty) ltd
Viking Foundry (Pty) Ltd
Viking Life Saving Equipment (Unverified)
Viking Pony Africa Pumps
Viking Steel Division cc
Viking Trading
Viking Trust
Vilaka Commercial Enterprises CC
Vilakazi Garden Services CC
Vilakazi Js
Vilbes Investments T/A Caft H/Ware
Viljoen Elektries
Viljoen F P
Viljoen Gja
Viljoen J.h.
Viljoen Jj
Viljoen Karin
Viljoen Na
Viljoen Nj
Viljoen Pd
Viljoen S
Viljoens Engineering
Viljoenskroon Dierekliniek
Viljoenskroon Onderdele
Villa Crop Protection (Pty) Ltd
Villa Royale body
Villa St Simon LTD
Village And Life (pty) Ltd
Village Hardware
Village Health Pharmacy
Village Steel Decor
Villiera Wines (Pty) Ltd
Villiers Bearings CC
Villiersdorp Kooperasie
Villiersdorp Quarry
Vilway Engineering CC
Vimbo Steel Suppliers (Pvt) Ltd
Vinbott (pty) Ltd
Vincent Hardware
Vincent industrial supplies
Vincent Painters Cc
Vincetrade No 4 (Pty) Ltd
Vinci of Trading and Projects (Unverified)
Vinco Steel
Vine Design (Unverified)
Vine Tech Engineering CC
Vineyard Hotel Pty Ltd
Vingro Construction (Pty) Ltd
Vini-Sa Engineering
Viniel Electronics
Vinmah Plumbers cc
Vinnies Trading cc
Vinquip (Pty) Ltd
Vinquip Projects CC
Vinquip Velo Sa (Pty) Ltd
Vins Hiring
Vinsu Engineering (PTY) LTD
Vintec (Pty) Ltd
VIP Caterers
Vip Designs Cc
Vip Gardens
VIP Metal Supplies cc
VIP Personnel & Payroll Systems (Pty) Ltd
Virbac South Africa
Virgin Active SA (Pty) Ltd
Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd
Virginia Diamond Mine
Virginia Eng Serv(PTY)LTD (Vesc)
Virginia Eng Services (Pty) Ltd
Virginia Kgomo
Virginia Riggall
Virimai Investments P/l
Virobatch (Unverified)
Virtual Array Proprietary Limited
Virtual Gifts (Unverified)
Virtual Ukusiza (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Virtue Coatings CC
Virtue Corporate Services
Virtuous Cleaning
Virtuous Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Visa Boyz
Visagie E
Visagie Fcr
Visagie Fourie & Partners
Visagie Process Plants
Visagie Vervoer (edms) Bpk
Viscalinx (Unverified)
Vishen's Logistics CC
Visible Edge (pty) Ltd
Visica Computers (Pty) Ltd
Visiomed (Pty) Ltd
Vision 2000 Discounters cc
Vision 2016
Vision Automotive
Vision Build cc
Vision Caps cc
Vision Cattlequip CC
Vision Enlight Trading Cc
Vision Hope & Success Builders cc
Vision Marketing (pty) Ltd
Vision Multi Brokers (Unverified)
Vision Net
Vision Plumbing cc
Vision Satelite services
Vision Supplies cc
Vision Trucking Cc
Vision Tv & Audio Repairs
Vision-On-Line CC - Tzaneen
Visionaries Business Development and other Projects Primary Cooperative Ltd (Unverified)
Visionway Ltd
Viska Delwery CC
Vispa meubel embs bpk
Visser Cj
Visser Combrink Prinsloo Physiother Ingelyf
Visser Dj
Visser F
Visser F S
Visser General & Packaging (Unverified)
Vissershok Waste Management FAC
Vista Mining solutions. (Unverified)
Vista Private Clinic
Visual Analysis
Visual To Retail 1r14
Vitaform Glassware
Vital Castings CC
Vital Design Flooring
Vital Distribution
Vital Health Foods (Pty) Ltd
Vital Link Systems
Vital Steel Projects CC
Vitality In house Contribution
Vitaltrade (pty) Ltd
Vitatech cc
Vitex (Unverified)
Viticor Trading (pty) Ltd
Vitrex (Pty) Ltd t/a Bitcon Industires
Vitria Glassware
Vitro Building Products
vitucci's pizza
Viva Afrika - Sound & Light (Pty) Ltd
Viva Engineering Projects
Viva Sadac Products cc
Viva Steelfab Engineering Pty
Vivacraft CC
Vivan Ingenieurswerke
Vivek Singh T/A Audio
Vivendi Water
Vivian Regina
Vivid Air Cc
Vivid Marketing (Pty) Ltd t/a Phoenix Fire
Vivid Video & Television Services
Vivier Plaatmetaal & Sweis
Vivier Trust
Viviers A
Viviers ING
Viviers W.j.h
Vivo Energy Botswana (Unverified)
Vivreau Limited
VJ Green Solutions (Unverified)
VJR Lifestyle Properties (Unverified)
VKB Landbou BPK
VKB/NTK Tzaneen Humulani Marketing Pty Ltd T/A
Vke Namibia
VKP Installations
Vlakpan Boerdery Trust
Vlakte Bricks
Vlakteplaas Crushers
Vlaming Pty Ltd
Vleistraat Stoorpark (Pty) Ltd
Vlottenberg Ingenieurswerke (E/B
Vlottenburg Ingeneurswerke Edm
VLY Trading Enterprise
VM Mining Supplies Maintenance and Construction (Unverified)
Vm Services (pty) Ltd
VMC Da Silva
VME Group (PTY) Ltd
VMG Digital
VMG Engineering cc
Vmk Technologies
Vnh Hairdressing
VNH Precasting CC
VNL Mining Suppliers cc
VNP Solutions (Unverified)
Vodaclean (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Vodacom Business
Voermol Feeds (Unverified)
Voermol Voere
Voestalpine VAE SA (Pty) Ltd
Vogel Paint Inc
Vogels Natures Rock Tiles cc
Voges J
Voges Pieterse Andamp; Associates T/a Rustenburg Rehabilitation Centr
Vogue Signs Marilyn M Designs CC
Vohlabu Construction (Unverified)
Voice Communication
Voices That Matter S.l.
Voidcon Mpumalanga cc
Voigt & Willecke
Vokes Filtration
Vokobo Crushers
Vokobo Cushers
Volare Aviation Ltd
Volcanic Waters Trust
Volcanic wool
Volcano Agroscience (Pty) Ltd
Volcano Combustion Services cc
Volcano Cookware CC
Volcano Sales & Transport cc
Volembo Electrical CC
Voli General Eng
Voli General Engineering (Unverified)
Volition Consulting Services
Volkers Appliances CC
Volkirk Customised Cables
Volksrust Dierehospitaal
Volksrust Mica
Volksrust Mica Hardware
Volkswagen Of SA (Pty) Ltd
Volkswagen SA
Vollman Brothers
Volmoed Quarries (pty) Ltd
Volschenk - Tc
Volschenk Engineering cc
Volschenk Insulation Conv (Pty
Volschenk Insulation Convertor
Voltex (Paarl)
Voltex (Pty) Ltd (Part of the
Voltex (Pty) Ltd t/a Bellco Electrical
Voltex (Pty) Ltd T/a Keens Pretoria
Voltex (Pty) Ltd T/a Waco Industries
Voltex Lydenburg
Voltex PTY Limited
Voltex Retail
Voltex t/a Keens Electrical Rtb
Voltex Witbank
Voltmech cc
Voltsing Electrical (Pty)Ltd
Volute Engineering
Volvo Group Southern Africa (Pty)
Volvo Southern Africa
Volvo Truck & Bus (Botawana)
Vomak Industries (Pty) Ltd
Vombe Consulting
Voms Industrial (Pty) Ltd
Von B Trading Cc
Von Eck General Engineering cc
Vonkprop Investments cc
Vonkprop Isolasie Panele bk
Vonric Engineering cc
Voo International Trading CC
Voodoo Advertising
Voorspoed Implemente
Voorspoed Sand & Klip
Vopak Terminal Durban (Pty) Ltd
Vorarc Welding cc
Vormbaum Engineering cc t/a P W Vormbaum Sheet Metal Works
Vorna TV & Satellite
Vorplum Cc
Vorster Interior
Vortex Systemtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg
Vortex Trading (Pty) Ltd
Vosdor 015 cc
Vosloo E M
Vosloorus Build SA (Pty) Ltd
Vosmar Engineering & Hydraulics
Vossies Mining Supplies & Reps
Vossies TV Repair
Vosta Lmg B.V
Vostok (Pty) Ltd t/a Serunya Mining
Vostrade 019 CC
Votteler Lackfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Vox Orion (pty) Ltd
Voxiscope CC
Voya Insulation Cc
VPA Enterprises (Pty) Ltd t/a
VPK Business Venture
VPN IT Systems Pune (Unverified)
VR Dragline Maintenance
VR Laser Services (Pty) Ltd
VR Trailer Trading Enterprises cc
Vrede Dierehospitaal
Vredenburg Build It
Vredenburg Dierehospitaal
Vredenburg Marketing & Serv CC
Vredenburg Mica Paint And Hardware
Vredendal Besproeiing BK
Vredendal Boumark BK
Vredendal Motorgroep Bk
Vredendal Verwe Bk
Vrey Construction
Vriendschap Boerdery (Pty) Ltd
VRM Manufacturing
Vryburg Appliances
Vryburg Exhaust Centre cc
Vryburg Sandand Concrete
Vryburg Spares CC
Vryburg Staal BK
Vryheid Appliance Repair Centre cc
Vryheid Burglar Bars & Gates CC
Vryheid Cranes cc
Vryheid Cut & Supply cc
Vryheid Mining Supplies
Vryheid Petroleum (SDCO)
Vryheid Staalkonstruksie BK
Vrystaat Boeredienste
Vrystaat Ingenieurs & Staalwater
Vrystaat Ko-Op Bpk - Cornelia
Vrystaat Ko-Op Bpk -Henneman
Vrystaat Taxis
Vs Boerdery Cc
Vs Electrical
VS Hersteldienste
VS Hydraulic Specialists (Pty) Ltd
VSCL Tracing Collecting CC
Vsd Diy Depot (Unverified)
VSE Engineering cc
VSH Engineering cc
Vshante (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
VTN Mining (Pty) Ltd
Vuk'usenzele Holdings
Vuka Butt Welding CC
Vuka Commondale Treated Timber
Vuka Kuqala Contractors cc
Vuka Magagula Trading & Projects cc
Vuka Plastics Botswana
Vuka Supplements (Pty) Ltd
Vuka Timbers (Pty) Ltd
Vukani (Unverified)
Vukani Ckm (pty) Ltd
Vukani Pest Control CC
Vukuvuku Trading Enterprise
Vukuza Earth Works (Pty) Ltd
Vukuzenzele Resources (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Vula Indlela Construction
Vula Safety Distributers Cc
Vulatronics Technologies
Vulaztronics Technologies
Vulcan Catering Equipment Pty
Vulcan cathering Equipment (PTY) LTD
Vulcan President (Pty) Ltd
Vulcan Steel Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd
Vulcan Steel Montague Gardens (Unverified)
Vulcania Plastics (Pty) Ltd
Vulcania Reinforcing Company
Vulcanic flame Cc
Vulctec Technologies
Vuleni Trading Enterprise cc
Vulindlela Transformation Service (
Vulori Engineering CC
Vultec Technologies
Vulva Products (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Vuma Financial Limited
Vuma Software Adco (Pty) Ltd
Vumani Industries (Pty) Ltd
Vunula Eng & Invest Pty Ltd
Vunula Engineering & Investments (Pty) Ltd
Vurhena Recoveries (Pty) Ltd
Vurhonga Groups (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Vurushe Mining (Pty) Ltd
Vusela Quantity Surveyors
Vusimuzi wa baba
Vusimuzi wa baba cc
VUT (Unverified)
Vuthlari Marketing Consulting
Vutivi Technologies cc (Unverified)
Vutivictory (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
Vuwani Hardware & Furniture cc
Vuyolethu & Bokamoso Co-operation P
Vuza Fleet Management Services (Pty) Ltd (Unverified)
VV 4 Agri (Pty) Ltd
VVK Business
VVK Engineering (Pty) Ltd
VVM Incorporated (Unverified)
VWYA Trading 55 t/a Sizwe
Vyfster Vervoer